Your Very Own Library Composer

My library makes lots of videos, and so we need plenty of soundtrack music to score them. In an earlier blog post, we discussed how to find royalty-free music to download and use in your library videos.  Those resources are fine, but it takes time and work to ferret out suitable music.  Wouldn't it be easier if your library had its own composer?  But where to find one?  They don't exactly grow on trees.

Why not use ours?  Danny Buckley composes original music and has granted my library a limited license to use his music royalty-free, free-of-charge for our videos, provided that we include an attribution credit to him and his music in the videos.  We usually give him two credits:  one as music composer, and the other for the particular composition we're using in a video.

Danny is willing to grant other libraries the same license for their videos.  That's a sweet deal.  If you'd like MP3 files of any of his compositions, please feel free to contact me.

We've made 771 videos (as of today), and the vast majority of them feature his music. Whatever we're doing, he has music that will improve it.  Let's watch a few examples.

Elegy of the Minotaur, by Barak Bassman
(MPL Book Trailer #254)

To Stay Alive, by Skila Brown
(MPL Book Trailer #360)

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
(MPL Book Trailer #134)

 Go, Dog. Go!, by P. D. Eastman
(MPL Book Trailer #4)

Kamishibai Man, by Allen Say
(MPL Book Trailer #197)

The Sailor Dog, by Margaret Wise Brown
(MPL Book Trailer #157)

Mike Nelson's Death Rat!, by Michael J. Nelson
(MPL Book Trailer #125)

These book trailer soundtracks convey a wide range of emotions that enhance the viewing experience.  I could listen to his music all day.

If you'd like to listen to more of Danny's instrumental selections, please visit his:
You can also hear more of his music by viewing our videos.

Hey, it's free music.  Free is good.  What's more, the music is first-rate.  I doubt we would have achieved over a million YouTube video views without it.


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