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Go-Tabs On The Go

Some of our patrons who visit the library cannot afford online devices.  They don't own a smartphone, eReader, tablet, laptop, or other device used to access the Internet.  For years, these patrons have had to visit our computer lab to log-onto a desktop PC (or, now, thin-client workstation), but that's all changed.  Who needs all that expensive technology when you can checkout a portable Internet tablet from the library's circulation desk?
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We even have a helpful "how-to" video for patrons to watch.
Portable Tablet Checkout (How-To Video) by Mooresville Public Library
Patrons use their library cards to checkout the tablets from the Tablet Hub.  These tablets are programmed to automatically connect to the library's WiFi network as soon as they are checked out.  The tablets will only operate on library premises, shutting down automatically if taken beyond our WiFi receptivity.  To check-in tablets, patrons simply insert them into an empty por…