Video Promotions of National ... Week/Month

Want to promote at your library the latest national ... [fill-in the blank] week (or month) beyond book displays and signs? How about promo trailers?  These are videos that promote a library event, program, activity, service, collection, or whatever else you'd like the public to know about.  They may also be used to promote national events, such as Banned Books Week or National Library Week.  Here are some examples we've made over the years (we used to call them program trailers but decided promo trailers was more accurate):

"Banned Book" Trailers, by Mooresville Public Library

Libraries Transform
(2017 National Library Week Promo Trailer)
by Mooresville Public Library

National Family History Month (October)
(MPL Program Trailer #11)

Native American Heritage Month (November)
(MPL Program Trailer #14)

2014 National Library Week Promo Trailer
by Mooresville Public Library

National Library Week (April 10-16, 2011)
(MPL Program Trailer #18)

Readers' advisory videos may also be used to promote national events, such as Banned Books Week.

A Very VERY Special Banned Books Episode,
by Miss Rachel & Miss Meghan

Virtual Readout for 2012 Banned Books Week
by Miss Rachel & Miss Meghan

Promo trailers can also showcase library staff's participation in national library conferences.

MPL @ PLA, by Jaymi Edwards & Suzanne Walker
(MPL Promo Trailer #24)

Videos visually engage patrons while informing them about an upcoming national event that the library is observing.  There's nothing wrong with old-fashioned book displays, but modern patrons are visually attuned.  That's what over 70 years of television has done to change how we perceive things.

Some of our other posts on this blog discuss what you'll need to make your own library videos.  It's really not so difficult.  If we can do it, anyone can.


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